My Journey

Happy day, I am Vessela, Bulgarian for happy, filled with joy or Vanessa, which I usually go by in the US.

Adventurous at heart,  I  have been moving around the world for the past 20 years having lived, studied and worked in Sofia, my hometown, Vienna, St. Gallen, Barcelona, Geneva, and London until I relocated to New York in 2010.

Holding Master’s degrees in Economics and International Management I started my corporate career as a consultant. My heart was drawn away from the corporate world and more into self-exploration through daily yoga practice and breath work. I discovered my interest to the ancient mindfulness practices when I started practicing Tai Chi over 15 years ago while living in Austria and then continued during my stay in Switzerland and the U.K. When I moved to NY I was blessed to encounter an inspiring yoga teacher, who later became my mentor, Adrian Molina. By that time I was practicing yoga regularly and decided to follow my dream and graduated a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, becoming a certified Warrior Flow® Yoga Teacher in 2015. I have been teaching privately and in group setting ever since. I also completed Kids’ and Teen’s yoga training at Pure Yoga in collaboration with Yogi Beans the following year and have taught children’s classes at neighborhood schools as well.

I reside in Carnegie Hill, Manhattan, and my mission is to extend the gift of yoga and to share the benefits of the practice and its transformative power with the community of the Upper East Side and beyond.

I look forward to starting a conversation with you and embarking on this amazing journey together.


Vanessa Pojarliev