Why Yoga? A Personal Journey

When I started practicing yoga, I didn’t expect my practice to evolve to become more than just the physical practice of asanas, poses in a flow of movement and breath. Throughout the years I realized why I keep going back to the mat with such excitement and impatience every time.

Yoga is more than a workout for me. It is the possibility given to each and every one of us to look deep inside the self and discover unexpected depths and resources; to recognize the ability hidden in each and every one of us to become a better Self by just getting lost in the flow, lost in the breath, lost in mindfulness.

Yoga has taught me to appreciate the little things in life, the ability to notice some things that have always been there but are revived by the energy we are dedicating to them, finding new life through acknowledging their existence and importance.

Yoga Is A Way Of Life

Yoga is the beauty that lies within each and every one of us, waiting to be awakened, to be set free to shine and inspire.

The power of mind and spirit we embody in our physical shell to go beyond the touchable into the world of metaphysics and Divine energy.

The possibility to connect with the Universe and with ourselves.

I would be forever thankful for that experience and it would be my honor to open this endless Universe to others by helping them find their flow and mindfulness, guiding them to their core and true Self. I will be forever a student myself, because finding one’s true Self is a never-ending story, a true romance, a spiritual dance, an enchanting journey back to our roots, to the Universal truth and Enlightenment.


Reflecting on my previous thoughts on what is yoga and why I have embraced yoga as a part of my life, I can’t help but think yoga has become everything for me lately. It has filled my days with passion and gratitude and excitement and humbleness, it has led me on a path I did not expect to endeavor.  It has led me to my deeper Self and has taught me to appreciate the present moment, it has taught me to appreciate the true warriors in my life, be it the mother with breast cancer, the child with early signs of depression and anxiety, the mother ridiculing herself for not working hard enough or not being able to meet all the expectations, the spoiled socialite with no obligations except to oneself… And I have learned to accept and embrace all that. Why?
Because we are all humans and we crave acceptance and forgiveness. We need to forgive ourselves and embrace ourselves, for we are enough, and we do enough. We are what truly matters. We are what we have been looking for. For the spirit is within us. We are the Universe and the Universe is us. We are one.
I bow to you!

Light and Love

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